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Your Recycling Partner

Our licensed and bonded team is adept at recycling all types of wood, asphalt and concrete materials.

Dependable Concrete Recycling Services in Prince George

Canada Recycle Corp is a local business that recycles concrete, asphalt and wood in Prince George. Whether you’re a contractor, landscaper or building owner renovating your home, you can rely on our recycling services that will help you reduce construction costs on your new project. By choosing to recycle your existing wood, asphalt or concrete, you also ensure the conservation of natural resources as there is a reduced need for gravel mining, water, coal, oil and gas.

Often before starting new construction, you will have to demolish structures resulting in the buildup of concrete, asphalt and wood waste. The most common but very costly method to eliminate it is to dump all the waste in a landfill. The dumping process also results in air and water pollution. Recycling saves you significantly on new construction costs, as well as with landfill space. We have a knowledgeable and experienced team that will provide valuable support for recycling, while also repurposing and selling crushed concrete, crushed asphalt and wood grindings.

Our Services

Canada Recycle Corp exclusively offers the following recycling services:

Asphalt recycling

Asphalt is not an eco-friendly material and is typically recycled to decrease asphalt waste. At Canada Recycle Corp, we work with a motto of serving our environment. Asphalt is easily recyclable and reusable. Old asphalt will probably remain intact in the landfill forever if it is not recycled.

Concrete recycling

The community does not need to pay for the recycling of concrete; instead, the ones who generate the concrete waste are liable to get it recycled. At Canada Recycle Corp, we care both for our customers and the environment. With us, you can expect the best price quotes for concrete waste recycling.

Wood recycling

Purchasing recycled timber wood can lead to a reduction in demand for green timber.


The trend of recycling timber has become increasingly popular on account of environmental and economic reasons, and many businesses such as ours have come forward to cater to this increasing demand for recycled wood products.

Why Choose Canada Recycle Corp

There is more than a single reason why our clients love and place their trust in us.

    Economical choice: Recycling is cheaper than dumping in landfills. We offer cost-effective recycling solutions. 

    Intelligent choice: We have been around for over two decades, making us stand out among other top players in the industry. 

    Smart choice: Our products can get recycled instead of causing pollution and taking landfill space.

    Responsible choice: You make a responsible choice towards the environment by supporting an eco-friendly approach.

We do not do other types of recycling such as bottle recycling, electronics recycling, battery recycling and paper recycling.

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 Let Us Manage Your Waste

When it comes to managing your concrete waste, Canada Recycle Corp is your preferred choice.

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Fully Licensed and Secured

We have been trusted for more than twenty years for our excellent recycling services.

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Recycling Products

We have an array of recycling products to choose from.

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