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Premium Wood Recycling Services in Prince George

Wood waste is abundant yet precious. Recycling wood offers numerous benefits as it reduces deforestation. Consequently, there has been an increased demand for recycled timber in recent years. At Canada Recycle Corp, we put several technological processes in practice to meet our customers’ requirements. Factors such as moisture, chemical properties and size are significant in determining the quality of processed wood.


At Canada Recycle Corp, our team knows the importance of recycling and reusing timber products for achieving a sustainable environment. Whether you have large chunks of demolished wood or require us to turn hefty branches of trees into functional wood materials, our well-qualified and professional team can efficiently do it for you!


Canada Recycle Corp understands how troublesome it can sometimes get to dispose of the waste materials you encounter while working on a construction or renovation project. This is why we ensure to deliver a stress-free experience in our wood recycling services in Prince George so that you get long-lasting peace of mind.

Call us now to learn more about our wood recycling service in Prince George.

What We Accept

At Canada Recycle Corp, we offer wood recycling services in Prince George like no other!

Recycling your wood products will help the environment and save more money than landfill rates.

Canada Recycle Corp accepts the following variety of woods for recycling in Prince George:


  • Stumps

  • Branches

  • Trees

  • Logs

  • Brushes

  • Lumber

  • Pallets

  • Fences

  • Wood chips

  • Millwork

  • Moulding

  • Timber

  • Poles

  • Decking


For acquiring more information on our wood recycling services, call our professionals today. We will be happy to clear all your queries away!

The Benefits of Wood Recycling

Recycling the wood leftovers on construction sites can help increase the projects' cost efficiency. Wood recycling not only contributes to environmental sustainability in a profound sense, but it also reduces the potential risk of carbon footprint. Here are some of the benefits of recycling wood :


Reduces the load on landfills and incinerators: Landfill sites have a tremendous negative effect on the global environment and the people living near a landfill site. If wood is dumped in the landfills instead of being recycled, it would only contribute to the harmful effects and would make no difference as it otherwise would have.


Assists in preserving and conserving timber, an essential natural resource: The more the wood is recycled instead of dumped, the lesser tree would have to be felled. Even though timber is considered sustainable, it takes years to replant and replenish wood to meet the high levels of demand. Recycling wood eliminates this concern and helps preserve this natural resource for a long time.


Reduces the carbon footprint created by commercial and industrial activities: As trees take in Co2 and emit oxygen, preserving trees and wood is essential to limit the effects of global warming and high amounts of carbon emission. Using recycled wood in the manufacturing processes calls for energy saving.


Reduces the labour costs of procuring the wood and transportation: Compared to recycling, dumping the wood waste in landfills can prove quite costly as their maintenance cost and tipping fees have exponentially increased with time. Choosing to recycle wood can eliminate the cost of transporting them to a landfill site.


Wondering how to recycle your wood waste in Prince George? Count on our team for a customized solution based on your specific needs.


$43 per tonne

Clean wood waste 

$60 per tonne

Clean stumps

$90 per tonne

Stumps with rocks and/or dirt




Our modern fleet of equipment includes

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