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Reliable Asphalt Recycling Services in Prince George

Recycling crushed asphalt is an eco-friendly option much cheaper than virgin asphalt aggregate. Recycled asphalt has a long lifespan and generally produces less mud, dust and dirt when compared to gravel. It is also quite durable and is less susceptible to weather conditions. At Canada Recycle Corp in Prince George, we are adept at asphalt recycling and accept broken and demolished asphalt.


We are eco-conscious and carry the latest equipment that helps us repurpose the product more efficiently and in a time-bound manner.

Compared to the high costs of landfills, recycling asphalt comes at lower rates per tonne. We accept clean asphalt free of charge and invite you to bring it to us for recycling and repurposing. Let’s connect over a phone call to discuss your asphalt recycling needs and the solutions we have to offer in Prince George.


Recycling natural resources has become the trend of time in the construction and renovation industry. Asphalt recycling is one such process that has become widely popular as it is a greener approach that saves both time and money. Recycled asphalt aggregates do not compromise on quality or durability and are advantageous in producing various refined products, similar to recycling wood and concrete.


The process of asphalt recycling is multifold.


The entire process starts when the top layer of asphalt is mined from rugged surfaces such as driveways or parking lots. Once the asphalt layer is mined, it is taken to an asphalt plant for rescreening and resizing. This process essentially involves revamping the worn-out surfaces to produce a much refined better material. An interesting fact about asphalt is that it can be recycled as many times as required without compromising its longevity and quality.


All of us at Canada Recycle Corp have the required skills, knowledge, and equipment to carry out the asphalt recycling jobs in Prince George efficiently. Get in touch with our team members if you have any questions about our recycling services.

Advantages of Asphalt Recycling

Even though the process of Asphalt recycling may be deemed as quite an elaborate process, the advantages it offers outweigh that factor. Primarily, the process of recycling asphalt is cost-friendly, as it saves money that would otherwise have gone into new materials.


Asphalt recycling is not only environmentally friendly but also creates new business opportunities. Reduced transportation costs, energy savings and low material costs are some of the clear-cut advantages recycling asphalt has to offer. Listed below are some of the wide range of environmental and cost-saving benefits that asphalt offers:

    Reduces oil consumption: Recycling old asphalt can help reduce the need for oil during the construction process.  

    Results in a more robust product: Recycled asphalt has stronger crack resistance with mineral fibres. 

    Reduces carbon emissions: Recycled asphalt is lighter than regular asphalt, which helps reduce carbon emissions during transportation. 

    Saves space in landfills: It saves valuable space in the landfills to accommodate other materials.

Canada Recycle Corp offers dependable choices for recycling waste materials such as wood, concrete and asphalt for commercial and residential projects in Prince George. Reach out to our team to get an estimate of our services today!

Our modern fleet of equipment includes

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Say no to landfills when you can recycle your asphalt aggregate with us.

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