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Quality Recycled Products for Sale in Prince George

Canada Recycle Corp offers you premium recycled materials such as chipped wood, recycled concrete and recycled asphalt! There are manifold benefits of using recycled waste. Save yourself time and money by saying no to landfills. Make a smart decision by getting in touch with Canada Recycle Corp today to get your existing concrete waste recycled. You can also contribute to mother Earth by buying the recycled products that we have on sale. We assure you that our products are durable, as we handpick the best recyclable material and use our modern fleet of equipment to process first-rate finished products for your construction projects.

Products We Offer

You can visit us or get in touch if you need any of the following quality products:

Recycled asphalt

Recycled concrete

Chipped wood

Recycling symbol of Concrete ,wood and bricks


Chipped wood - Price and availability will vary, please contact us

Recycled concrete - $10 per metric tonne

Recycled asphalt - $25.00 per metric tonne

Appointments are necessary to pick up the materials. Please call us at 250-564-7263.

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Quality Recycling Products

Try our durable recycling products at competitive market rates.

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