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Eco-friendly Concrete Recycling Services in Prince George

Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) is increasingly used in the construction industry across the globe. In a world of sustainable development technologies, aggregate derived from concrete recycling is now considered a preferred material for almost every construction project. All you need for walls of buildings and slabs on pathways are large pieces of recycled concrete. In addition, you can use recycled concrete for constructing sub-base gravel on a roadway. You can use it even for landscaping rocks to form a retaining or privacy wall.


Let us at Canada Recycle Corp provide you with the best RCA to lend an excellent strength to your structures. Contact us to be informed about our concrete recycling services in Prince George.



Whether you are a homeowner who requires to dispose of the demolished load of concrete in your renovation project or are a demolition contractor, Canada Recycle Corp offers reliable and efficient concrete recycling services like no other in Prince George!


We are a team of dedicated professionals striving to make the world a better place, with environmental conservation as our priority. Canada Recycle Corp has over two decades of experience in offering dependable wood, asphalt and concrete recycling services to our customers in Prince George and its surrounding areas.


We understand the importance of maintaining the environment responsibly in our field. Our team firmly believes that recycling concrete has excellent benefits compared to dumping it in landfills. We have the cutting-edge technology and equipment to do what it takes to get the job done right and offer you the convenience of recycling every step of the way.

In addition, we at Canada Recycle Corp accept a variety of concrete for recycling, including clean concrete made with rebar, dirty concrete with rebar or wire mesh, and oversized concrete. Our industry-leading equipment helps us to process concrete run-off reliably. Whether it is concrete created from residential waste, building demolition or concrete accumulated from road excavation - we can do it all for you!


Got questions about our concrete recycling services? Call our team members today.

Benefits of Concrete Recycling

The most critical advantage of concrete recycling is that it helps manage the waste generated from all the industrial and commercial projects involving concrete construction. While concrete can be used for various applications, recycling aggregates made with concrete offer low disposal costs and options for reuse in the commercial industry.

Canada Recycle Corp has the desired tools and equipment for skillfully recycling concrete into useable materials that can be applied to other construction projects. Here are some of the wide range of environmental and professional benefits that concrete recycling offers.

    Waste management: Recycling and reusing leftover concrete helps reduce waste generated in the construction process.

    Reduced trucking costs: It also helps the builder save considerably on the transportation cost they would otherwise incur upon bringing new concrete to the site.

    Environmental benefits: Although concrete is non-biodegradable, it is quite recyclable. Recycling concrete is a step forward to help the environment as it reduces the need for fresh concrete.

    Reduces CO2 emissions: Recycling concrete aggregate contributes to reducing the emission of Carbon Dioxide since while crushing the demolished concrete, a large amount of CO2 is absorbed.

    Offers use for various applications: Recycling concrete aggregates generates concrete materials that can be used for multiple applications in various construction projects and creates more opportunities for the recycling industry.

Count on us at Canada Recycle Corp to offer you premium quality recycled materials for concrete, wood and asphalt, and we help you make an intelligent decision. Get in touch if you are seeking more information.


$60 per tonne

Clean concrete (No Metal or Rebar)

$80 per tonne

Dirty Concrete (Has Metal or Rebar)

$125 per tonne

Oversized concrete (Over a 4'x4' square)



Our modern fleet of equipment includes

Asphalt and concrete grinder

Cost effective icon

Cost-effective Concrete Recycling

Whether you have large or small pieces of concrete waste, make every unit count.

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